Final Project Synopsis

I believe my final typeface and identity system is very cohesive and fits the event well, considering it is a holiday season market. I ended up conjoining all of the letters for each word, and this flows much better. I kept the spacing far between letters far enough so they would not look mushed together once I added the pine needles. I also fixed the sizing and weight of DSM so it didn’t appear smaller than the rest of the title. I think the tagline turned out very well and looks very clean.

I chose to add color to the letters because this is a fun event. I had to adjust the colors and size of the letters based on which medium it was being placed on. Lastly, I added a small red bow to the typeface to add a touch of more color.

Here are my final solutions!


Project 4: Final Critique

For Final Critique today, I presented my most recent letterforms for DSM Winter Market with the needles. I had a mockup of what this would look like on the mug. Unfortunately, when I tried to save the mockups of signage and the burlap bag, Photoshop said my scratch disk is full (???) and wouldn’t save them. Still not sure what that meant but now it is saving files again. So idk.

Anyways, some of the feedback I received from critique were to combine the letterforms since they look like they should be flowing into one another. I agree with this. In addition, I need to work on the spacing of my letters and make sure they are all the same weight.  I have included images of what I presented in class today.

Project 4: 12-05

I thought I would share the stage of my letterforms prior to the Final Critique on Thursday. I first started out with creating the letters without the decoration (needles) so I could shape them how I wanted. I then added the needles to create the finished affect. I have also briefly started to create my letterforms for my tagline.

RD pg2-02RD pg3-03handful of happiness 1-01

Project 4: 11-30

Since last class, I have made some structured decisions surrounding my final product. First, I have decided on a tagline. The tagline already in place for the DSM Winter Market is “find your handful of happiness”. I will be shortening this to “handful of happiness” because there are still extra letterforms to make for just this phrase, and it still fits the event.

I also have decided on three media to to use my typeface for. I will be doing a burlap bag which would theoretically be handed out to those attending the market, for them to place their purchased goods in. Next, I will do an enamel mug. These would be for anyone who purchases coffee or hot chocolate and can pay extra for a “souvenir” mug. It would also be on sale on its own. Lastly, I’ll be creating some sort of signage that would be in downtown Des Moines during and leading up to the days of the event.

Project 4: 11-28

I have made a breakthrough for what I want my letterforms to look like. So I went back to step 1 and started making new letterforms that are very different from the direction I said I was going in. I tried to make type that looked like snowflakes, but it did not turn out well. So, I decided I would try to make some that look like frost on windows, but oddly enough, it ended up looking like wreaths! I am quite happy with this idea and I think it is fun and engaging.

I will be keeping the general forms in cursive and not connected to each other. What I need to do now is redraw my letterforms without the “pine needles” so it is just the basic shape, and line up the x-heights, create synchronized curves, etc. I will be doing the “wreath” type for the title “DSM Winter Market 2017” and use the underlying cursive script for my tagline and potentially the date.

Here are my sketches from today.

Winter market v2 1

Project 4: 11-21

I have come up with a few sketches for logotype. My three ideas right now are very different; the first two are scripty, while the last is very defined. I received the best feedback about the last one, so I will probably go off of this one. A few things I need to focus on that I learned from critique is to make it more interesting. The type is supposed to be part of the imagery, so I need to make it more fun and engaging. I am thinking about trying to make my letterforms take a similar form to snowflakes, but I have not figured out how I will do that yet.

Here is my first round of sketches.

DSM Winter Market

Project 4: 11-16

I have made a decision about the event I will create a typeface for, and it is the Des Moines Winter Market. I love Christmas, and this market is based around the holidays and produce that is sold at this time of year. I am excited to see where this theme will take me.

I am still unsure of exactly what kind of letterforms I will create, but I am thinking something that is free flowing and wispy, like snow or frost on windows. For my three mediums, I will probably make a banner that would be displayed at the market, and perhaps a postcard and an email newsletter. These are not set in stone, just some ideas that I think would make sense for this type of event.